Kérastase PARIS Diagnostic


Kerastase PARIS Hair

Macintyre Wire:

When did buying hair care products become so difficult? With more options than ever available in stores, it feels like it’s even harder to find products that work – and life is just too short to spend hours aimlessly reading the back of shampoo bottles. Kérastase PARIS has come to the rescue with a personal Diagnostic Test to make it easy to find your Holy Grail hair care routine.

It’s no secret that top salons around the world favour the hair care products by Kérastase PARIS, but with extensive product lines tailored to the specific needs of just about every hair type, we think it’s time for you to get acquainted with the brand for your at home use.

Using nourishing active ingredients, Kérastase PARIS products are developed to leave the hair in immaculate condition, with exceptional texture and shine. Not only are there collections to tame difficult locks, restore radiance, and protect from the sun’s damage, but there’s even a line designed specifically for men. And the best part? The results are visible almost instantly, so getting great hair doesn’t need to take forever.

The MacIntyre Team put the luxury brand to the test: we each completed the Kérastase PARIS Diagnostic Test to discover our personal prescription. From colour treated to curly to cropped – there are incredibly diverse hair types represented in our office, but we all found unique product lines and treatment combinations to suit our individual hair needs. We have to say, we love the results!