What if you woke up each day unsure of when your next meal was coming? For about four million Canadians – more than one million of whom are children – food insecurity is daily struggle. ONEXONE believes that proper access to food can improve numerous factors in a child’s life. That’s why they’re joining the global initiative Live Below the Line – which is challenging people to spend only $1.75 on food and drink for five days April 27 to May 1, 2015 to raise awareness on the amount of Canadians living in poverty.

In an attempt to call attention to the issue of homelessness, particularly among First Nations youth, ONEXONE’s founder Joey Adler will be taking this challenge a step further by also living on the streets during the Live Below the Line challenge. She will be documenting her experience with the goal of raising funds towards poverty.

Are you up to the challenge to live #BelowTheLine? You can get involved from April 27th until May 1st this year.

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ONEXONE Joey Adler Live Below the Line