TO Talk: Milano Coffee


Our office runs on caffeine. It’s an undeniable fact spelled out in the coffee cups littered across our desks, but the siren call of the coffee run has become so much sweeter since Milano Espresso Bar set up shop on Adelaide West!

Originally from Vancouver, Milano was founded in 1984, bringing the Italian coffee tradition to Canada. It was Christian Petronio, a trusted friend of the current operators, who approached Milano about a Toronto expansion after seeing a missing element in the YYZ coffee scene: a comfortable place where people could come to unwind that didn’t compromise the quality of their coffee.

You can tell that Petronio and his colleague Jerry Raso are passionate about pioneering Milano’s coffee in Toronto: Petronio enthusiastically explains the versatility of his favourite blend, the Conca d’Oro, and Raso happily describes his love for meeting new customers and personalizing their drinks. The guys emphasize that Milano is homey- the kind of place where you can kick back and listen to James Brown while sipping on one of three espresso blends on tap. All the while, they guarantee quality coffee and fantastic service, which means they don’t need to write your name on a cup to remember you- one of the many reasons Milano is now on our list of places to check out in Toronto! If you’re looking for great coffee and a light snack, Milano is a must-visit.

Milano Espresso Bar Toronto

Milano Espresso Bar Toronto

Milano Espresso Bar Toronto

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