LE CHÂTEAU of Montréal


Born in a city that is alive with creativity, where style permeates everything we do. A city where culture is not confined to theatres or galleries, where art happens in homes, parks, cafés, and in the streets. It’s where we come from that makes us who we are. An institution of fashion, a champion for style, a beacon of creativity, a leader in design. In a city that blurs the distinction between life and art, we devote our lives to our art.

“Of Montréal” is a platform that celebrates the brand’s tie to a city that lives and breaths the notion of every single style. It’s about rejoicing where it all began, the city that inspired our beginning and continues to inspire the brand today.

This campaign video captures the charming story of Montréal life through the fashionable people that occupy the cinematic streets.

The Campaign was created by Sid Lee