Our Favourite Fall Activities



Fall is one of our favourite times of the year for seasonal activities. So whether you’re grabbing your significant other, heading out with family or gathering a group of friends, fall is the absolute best time to indulge in cliches. Not a fan of the pumpkin spiced latte? Here’s our team’s list of our 9 favourite fall activities.


1. Visit the country sideGoToCountry


2.Make a bird feederBirdFeeders


3.Eat a candy appleCandy Apples


4. Jump into a big pile of leavesLeadPile


5. Bake some fall treatsScreen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.37.32 PM


6. Head out for a morning hikefallhiking


7. Go for a hayrideHayride


8. Head up north to enjoy the changing leavesFallLeaves


9. Go apple pickingApplePicking