Top 5 Netflix Binges



After a long week of working, nothing’s better than curling up in your bed, surrounding yourself with all your favourite snacks, and being fixated on your computer screen for hours on end. And we aren’t going to lie, this is not an activity purely dedicated to rainy Sundays. Sometimes it’s a Friday night, you’ve texted your friends to say you’re “busy”, but really, you’re just at home with you, yourself and Tim Riggins and Lyla Garritty.


Friday Night LightsFridayNightLights

You don’t have to be a football fan to get fully invested in the lives of the Dillion Panthers. For fans of the OC and Varsity Blues, this show is about the lives of people in a small town in Texas, that focus on football. This is a great choice to watch with your sport fanatic boyfriend.


If you liked the movie Country Strong, you’ll love Nashville. From the sassy pop star, played by Hayden, to the adorable duo Lennon and Maisy, this show has something for everyone. Fun fast, the Bluebird Cafe is a real cafe and if you can bear the line, there’s a good chance you’ll meet Deacon.

The Mindy ProjectMindyProject

It’s hard to not fall in love with the endearing Mindy Kaling, a real housewives enthusiast who’s trying to navigate working and dating in the big city… and failing most of the time. If you can’t get enough, pick up her book ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”

Full Housefullhouse

Feeling nostalgic? Can’t remember what the Olsen twins looked like before they invented the prune face? Transport yourself back to the time of pastels and scrunchies that was the 90’s. With the highly anticipated reunion coming up, it’s a perfect time to rewatch this classic.


An oldie but a goodie, need I say more?