#StartBreathing Yorkdale


Give your feet the gift of feeling like you’re walking on a cloud with the GEOX Nebula shoe. Introduced earlier this year, the Nebula is the latest development from Italian shoe brand GEOX, which delivers exceptional breathability. Learn more about its concept and technology in our blog post here.

Eleven of our fashion blogger friends joined us at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre to #StartBeathing and shop the GEOX Nebula collection. We were joined by Cory Lee, Tara West,  Mel Hwang, Victoria Hui, Melissa Hetu, Joëlle Anello, Iva Grbsic, Marla Brum, Julio Reyes, Erica Grenci and finally, Daniel Reyes for a day of shopping!

The sleek look of the Nebula and its various styles (polka dots, bright hues and neutral tones) won over these fashion connoisseurs. The shoe that breathes has become the shoe that has taken over social media.

See below for a snippet of the action:


Mel Hwang and Victoria Hui


Joëlle Anello


Marla Brum


Julio Reyes