Summer Netflix Picks


We all want to believe that our summer days will be spent soaking up the sun and seeking endless adventure. But let’s be honest with ourselves… Things don’t always go as planned. Couch potatoes and Friday night bingers everywhere can appreciate that indescribably amazing feeling that you experience when you start watching a new television series. At first, it’s all about the novelty and excitement that comes with meeting new characters, seeing new places, and investing in new plots. But everyone knows that it can quickly evolve into pure devotion and a true emotional investment as you grow attached to the series and its storylines. Here at MacCom, we understand that everyone deserves to experience this warm, fuzzy feeling every once in a while, and summer is the perfect time to do just that! Here are our top five recommendations for shows that you should binge watch on Netflix this summer:

Orange Is The New Black


With four seasons available, this Netflix original has definitely become one of the most popular shows to binge watch nation-wide. It is a female-fueled prison drama that documents the lives of female inmates as they attempt to thrive while in prison. Think lockup dramas, disastrous girlfriends, bullies, and a whole lot of charm.

How To Get Away With Murder


Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis brilliantly portrays a professor of defense law who teaches a class called ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ in this highly-praised thriller. She selects a group of students from the class to work alongside her employees and assist with cases taken on by her firm. Limits are tested and dark truths are revealed to produce one of the most critically-acclaimed shows currently on air.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

No Netflix list would be complete without a teen drama – right? This show follows the lives of students at an elite prep school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side who are targeted by Gossip Girl – an anonymous source who shares text-message scoops on everything from family scandals to heartache. Known for producing one of the most idolized TV couples of our generation, this series will have you hooked from beginning to end!



Netflix takes on the infamous Medellín drug cartel in this exclusive series. It documents the rise and fall of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the DEA agents who are hunting him. If you’re looking for an up-and-coming gritty drama that is bound to keep you on your toes, then this is the show for you!



An oldie but a goodie! This classic is a must-watch no matter what the season. It documents the lives of three young men and three young women (of the BFF kind) living in New York. From pet ducks to swapping romantic partners, this comedic piece of art will have you laughing (and occasionally crying) like no other.