Fall Trends


If you’ve taken a trip to the mall lately or browsed through your favourite fashion magazine[…]
it is no doubt that you have noticed the change of scenery. Denim shorts and floral dresses have been replaced with full-length flares and crocheted sweaters. Silk has turned into suede or velvet and our iced coffees are slowly transforming into pumpkin spice lattes. With Fall just around the corner, trends have begun to shape up one stylish season.

Here are our top five Fall trends to shop now:

The Flare


Ditch your skinny jeans and travel back in time to the 70s where bellbottoms and flared pants were the ultimate casual chic. Whether cut above the ankle or floor-length, these “barely there” pants will not only look flattering but also give the impression of longer legs. Pair the pants with any form-fitting blouse and become instantly more hip.

Red Pout


No matter the season, no matter the reason, a red lip always works. As the weather begins to cool down and the clothes begin to layer, so does the lipstick. Be one with the trees and brighten up your face with a deep red lip! There is no shortage of red liners, lipsticks, and stains for your statement lips this fall.

Suede Inspired


As kids, the only suede we knew of was the vest that Woody wears in Toy Story, depicting the classic cowboy. Who knew that suede would slowly make a comeback, becoming one of the most coveted textures this fall? Shades of army green, mustard, chestnut, and black are being seen in the form of A-line skirts, tight pants, dresses, and jackets. Add suede to any outfit and immediately transform it into a more sophisticated look.

Tasseled Loafers/Moccasins


Though the original penny loafer has had a harsh past of being referred to as the only pair of shoes any female private school’er could wear, the new and improved loafer is more stylish and accepted than ever. Whether you’re on your way to a coffee date or heading out to work, pair any outfit with these loafers for a classier look.

Bandana/Neck Scarf


In the past, bandanas were used to mimic the “You Can Do It!” image or dressing up as a cowboy or pirate for Halloween. Nowadays, sporting a bandana around your neck is one of the most popular ways to accessorize. Pair your black or red cotton or silk bandana with a white tee, denim, and a leather jacket and you’ll be looking like a successful Instagram fashion blogger in no time.