Lazy Girls’ Guide


Summer is about spending more carefree time outside with friends and family. From cozy cottage weekends, to festival road trips – summer always seems to have us far away from our day-to-day getting ready routine. Traveling away from our typical tools and products, doesn’t mean our tresses have to suffer. Save time and free hair from damage with Matrix Canada’s NO-HEAT stylers to create effortless looks.

Matrix Air Dry Boho

Forget the hair dryer and heating tools, and opt for one of these styling creams. After the shower simply run one of these through your hair and you’re good to go. These creams create the urban bohemian look and open up to absolute hair adventure. From smooth, chilled out locks to texture gone wild!

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Matrix Mineral Rough Me Up

Get it tousled, your link to beachy and touchable waves! This Formula with an infusion of micro-salts softly defines the hair for beach day texture. Just spray onto dry or damp hair, tousle and twist for a defined beachy look.

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Matrix Mineral Play Back

Dry shampoo is a staple in every woman’s life. Whether you need an extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning or to cope with those rushed mornings, a good dry shampoo always has you covered! Minerals in this formula work to absorb oils and impurities, extending and refreshing your undone look longer.

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Matrix Mineral Grip Definer

            Texturizing cream that enhances your hair with a micro mineral, that gives a non-sticky shape and hold. Simply apply to damp hair out of the shower and work it through your hair to the ends, leaving your hair looking perfectly undone.

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