Experiencing Artemano


From factories to farm fields, we had the privilege of traveling to Chiang Mai with Artemano to observe the buying and design process from the literal root. Seeing the birth of a design, beautiful creations on the production line, and the passion behind each piece is an experience that would excite any interior design lover. The owners, who are also the lead designers and buyers, had an infectious passion at every turn.

Artemano Experience Production Designers

Production / Shimon & Eyal, owners of Artemano, stand with one of their designs mid-production

Artemano Experience Sourcing Trees

Sourcing / Checking out the trees and sourcing for new designs

Artemano Experience Trees

Artemano Wood Drying

Wood drying / One of the many phases in production

Artemano Experience Thailand

Chiang Mai at night

What makes Artemano magical? Every piece truly does tell its own story. If you want to add personality or character in your own home, Artemano will add a depth that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Twitter: @ArtemanoDecor

Instagram: @artemanodecor