Monthly Archives: April 2015

MacIntyre's Choice Sneakers Fashion

MacIntyre’s Choice


The sneaker: once a castaway only suited gym classes and joggers, now finds a new life as on the feet of fashion elite […]

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2015 Festival Season


Coachella kicked off this weekend, signaling the start of festival season across North America. In anticipation for the months of […]

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Go Green


Even though Toronto still looks gray after the weary winter, we’re eagerly awaiting the first buds and blooms of spring […]

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Milano Espresso Bar Toronto

TO Talk: Milano Coffee


Our office runs on caffeine. It’s an undeniable fact spelled out in the coffee cups littered across our desks, but the siren call […]

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ONEXONE Joey Adler Live Below the Line



What if you woke up each day unsure of when your next meal was coming? For about four million Canadians […]

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Bench. Canada Toronto Axe Throwing



Axe marks the spot – at least that was the case at last night’s #MyBenchAdventure, where Bench. challenged local media […]

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MacIntyre Moments Easter Holiday

MacIntyre Moments


In the world of PR, things are constantly moving at a million miles a minute. So when a long weekend rolls around, it’s a nice change […]

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Easter Weekend Essentials Roots Bag

Easter Weekend Essentials


Black is a staple in our wardrobes here at MacIntyre, but with Easter upon us, we’re taking a break from our traditional attire and […]

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MacIntyre's Choice April Beauty Benefit Hello Flawless

MacIntyre’s Choice


April showers may bring lovely May flowers, but we don’t want to wait another month to celebrate spring beauty. As […]

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